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JonTron is an American internet personality, interviewer and comedian. He's best known for his hilarious reviews of television shows, movies, and video JonTron "Heat Syncope!" Tee $25.99 JonTron "Lose The Wait" Tee $25.99 More products Design your product Sell on Represent Features FAQ Formerly part of NormalBoots, JonTron is a YouTuber that initially specialized in reviewing terrible video games. However, he has since branched out his content into reacting to Camisetas, pósters, pegatinas, decoración y más con diseños del tema Jontron hechos por artistas y JonTron's Response and Its Impact. JonTron's channel is unlikely to suffer from the same financial or commercial impact as PewDiePie, however. Although there have been a number of fans who have

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Jonathan Aryan Jafari (born: March 24, 1990 [age 30]), better known online as JonTron, is an American YouTuber, commentator, comedian, and video game reviewer known for his reviews of retro, odd, or bad video games and movies. He reviews video games, movies, and television shows of varying genres in a retrospective and comedic manner in his YouTube web series JonTron. Jafari was co-creator and

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This era encapsulates Season 1 (episodes 1-19) of the JonTron Show, all of Jon's Top 10 videos, of which most have been delisted as Jon had become unhappy  18 Mar 2017 He was clued into JonTron shortly after he left Game Grumps in 2013, a channel he cofounded with YouTube personality Arin Hanson in 2012. JonTron Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics are here. However, after he became public about his right-leaning political views, he lost a number of sponsors. Enforced Plug: While Caddy has always been sponsoring ever since the good old The fact that James had admitted to being a huge JonTron fan and his first   22 Mar 2017 This week Jontron of Game Grumps fame, debated Destiny and said to my sponsors, not because I'm trying to win any public fan contest, not 

JonTron was born on the 24th of March in 1990. His birth name is really Jonathan Aryan Jafari. He will be 29 years old next March. JonTron is just his internet pseudonym. The name has stuck with

Jon is the host of the JonTron Show, reviewing games, films, televisions shows, and even infomercials in an absurdist, black-comedy style. Over the years, his style has gradually evolved from light absurdist humour, to increasingly psychotic and morbid black comedy, with heavier doses of vulgarity. Mr. Tron is somewhat of a sociopath, often shaking off other peoples' suffering and only